Hi. Two dates for you. Charity Dances
The Hilton Hotel. Friday 4th May. £10.00 each. 8.00pm till midnight. DJ's for the men or Smart dress. Just Jive Disco. Light Supper. 
The Newtown Social Club. Friday 1st June. £7.00 each. 7.30pm till 11.30pm.. Casual dress. Nibbles, Raffle, Just Jive Disco.
Call Paul 07821203413 or 01243 262323 or email. paul@justjive.org or paul@pdwdriving.co.uk 
Cheers. Paul.





Firstly can I say a big thank you to everyone that came along and helped make this night a success. We all had a very enjoyable evening and this would not have been possible without you all!!!!


What can I say, 10 driving instructors and 7 other friends and family……I worried that we’d shamefully have to leave with our tails between our legs but that wasn’t the case. The Driving Instructors filled all three podium spaces!!!!!!!


The evening didn’t go without drama……is that Mr Witheyman parked dangerously ‘across’ the down ramp??????? Don’t think that is quite what the highway code suggests to be the best way to secure a car when parking on a slope!!!!! J J J

 Any conspiracy…….if only we could listen in!!!!! Probably goes a bit like this “You bump him over there, I’ll sneak by and we’ll split the money”.


 Some people maybe didn’t approve of their tactics……


But when you look over the results it didn’t really matter……we all made it to the finish line smiling!!!!!


On the starting grid for the Final!

The ‘phantom bumper’ with the red helmet who must have thought that he was on robot wars!!!

(We all know who was pushing us out on the corners!!!! J)

For those of you reading this that were not involved, the event was priced to include a little twist. The driver with the fastest lap overall would win their £50 back. The winner was Martyn from PDW with a fastest lap of 29.61 seconds!!!


Following all 10 heats, the semi finals and the overall final race the podium places were as follows:


1st: Martyn from PDW

2nd: Simon Batehup from AA

3rd: Steve Morley from 1st Castle


 Again thank you all for getting involved. Fastest lap times and finish positions from each heat and lap are on next page (note these results do not make allowance for penalties that were imposed on drivers).